My Photos

So in my first post I mentioned I like photography. This is where I’m going to display some of my favourite photos from my life and the adventures it has led to.

To start with here are a few of my favourites from Zoos around the country. These first five are from our first trip to Longleat Safari Park.


So this cheeky Giraffe was waiting to be fed some lettuce leaves. They took every bit of food with that grey-blue tongue!


These Monkeys were in a drive through section. The Mrs convinced me to go through and my car came out without an arial. Excellent.


A drive through a Lion enclosure sounds scary. It isn’t really because they’re all so interested in each other. If you know what I mean.


There’s plenty of these Common Eland dotted around the park. Some even come to the window in search of food!


Seeing a Rhino just outside your car window is quite something. This photo wasn’t zoomed in, they really were that close!