Robot Wars – My Filming Experience & The Series So Far

Can you hear that? No, that? Listen more closely…. Yes folks that is the sound of me being a real smug geezer in saying that Nuts would win the last heat and it actually coming true. What a performance that was and I tell you what, I reckon Nuts can cause a few more upsets before this series is over.

So welcome along to what would be my preview for heat 5 of Robot Wars 10, only that this week its not on. No, once again, just like in the last series, the BBC have decided to take our beloved robot smashing show off the air to play some really crap sport (granted Tennis is better than Golf). I mean why BBC, why? Its not like you have 3 other channels to put it on….. BBC 4 there you go, nobody watches that. Tennis fits perfectly into that channel, well Golf does anyway. I suppose in one way it elongates the series a bit… But no, I need my fix and Im sure all of you do too. So that why Im trying to keep spirit of this series alive by publishing this article of the series so far, plus a few odds and ends from my trip to the filming in May.


So far this series we have had some fantastic battles and I mean really good battles. I love it when something puts on such a spectacle as, for example, series 9 and you think, ‘Nothing can possibly top that’, only for another show/series to do exactly that. The new format is working a treat. Kind of reminds me of the series 5 & 6 semi-finals with the losers melee in, giving machines another chance at glory. The flow of the show is so much better too and thats something that I didn’t even notice was ‘wrong’ in the last 2 series. For all my moaning about it being taken off for a week for sports I dont like, the Beeb really have done a good job since bringing Robot Wars back in 2016. Dara & Angela have slotted into their roles perfectly now and are a worthy fit for this modern day wars.

And again when you think things cant get better they’ll be a 10 way robot melee in a few weeks time. Cannot wait for that and already it has some frightening robots in. Apollo, Sabretooth, Eruption, Big Nipper, Track-tion, Terrorhurtz, Concussion and Iron Awe are to be joined by 2 more machines from heat 5 to form one hell of battle. But what of the finalists already there? Well for me Carbide are still the favourites. They’ve beaten Behemoth & Nuts before and whilst Rapid look like the machine most likely to cause the champs some problems, I still think the ridiculous power of that spinning bar will win out. Of course this is dependent on who makes it through from the final heat, but as I’ve already mentioned, we have wait an extra week to find that out (thanks BBC again).


Enough about me waffling on though, below I have put some of my own pictures from the filming of Robot Wars in Glasgow in May. Now, at the ripe old age of 27 this was my first ever trip to Scotland and its a great place, so much so that me and my bonnie lass went back for a trip in September and have plans to go again next March. Of course the main focus in May was for Robot Wars and when you hear that the show is filming in a warehouse in Glasgow, it literally is in a warehouse in Glasgow. Honestly, you could have stored planes in there if you wanted. Theres a plot of around 30 ish warehouses and Robot Wars was filmed in the one at the very back. Not much of a problem for me, I was driving anyway.

You dont get to see the arena straight away, instead you exchange your tickets for wristbands and are kept in a marquee type thing with all the usual requirements such as food, drink and merch stalls. Block by block you are then escorted into the warehouse to take your seat and thats when you first see the arena itself.


This was my first look. As we were the second session of the whole filming I had to wonder why they were working on the arena in the first place. I now know the crew were repairing the damage caused by Aftershock in its first round melee. Its was really cool to get an answer to that when the second heat aired and I was full of surprise and joy when I saw what had finally caused the crew all that repair time (in the nicest way possible). When the arena was repaired (something that happened a few times whilst I was there), the first fight I saw was the Carbide/Gabriel/Big Nipper fight and what a way that was to break your live Robot Wars virginity. As you may know I recorded that fight and the link to that and other fights I’ve uploaded are on my YouTube channel below.



Given the fact that you are there to watch a show, but more importantly to film a television series, the mood and the atmosphere around the place was very relaxed. There was no real strict rules apart from the usual, ‘Dont wander off into places your not supposed to be’ rule. It was a very nice place to be in and the fact that you get called to go back into the pits is an amazing experience. Granted you dont get full access but you get a sense of the size of the place and the operation involved. The size of the robots was no surprise to me; I’ve seen them many times before but its still an environment I just cant get bored of. I didn’t make it onto TV during our surround shots with Vulture. That honour went to my better half, as I was sandwiched between 2 rather tall gentlemen and me and my 5 ft 3 self unable to see much, though Dara did seem to have quite a small head from where I was standing…..


I did end up in a couple of shots but it wasnt about that. Overall I saw 7 fights and each of them were brilliant in their own way. This is a scene that I have been following for 20 years now and I was so excited when I was there to a ridiculous level for someone my age. It was just an amazing experience and one I definitely want to happen again. Im glad I can finally put some of these pictures up and show you what I saw. Below is one of my favourites. In the Terrorhurtz/Apex/Vulture fight there was a humorous moment where Terrorhurtz knocked Shunt on the way into the arena, leading the House Robot to retaliate and a little game of chase developed before the fight.



So there we go, that was my way of keeping this Robot Wars train going whilst some people hit a bright yellow ball back and forth to each other over a bet (yep, cheers BBC). I leave you with the news though that when heat 5 finally does air on the box I will be uploading a bonus 2 fights from my audience view instead of my regular one that I have been. You can see the ones I’ve put up on my YouTube channel. Well worth watching. Until then watch this space for my Heat 5 preview to come this time next week. Feel free to leave me some comments about your opinions on the series so far, or even about your experience if you went to see the filming. Keep busy over the weeks break; we’ll get through it together.

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Robot Wars Series 10 – Heat 1 Preview

Robot Wars Series 10 – Heat 2 Preview

Robot Wars Series 10 – Heat 3 Preview

Robot Wars Series 10 – Heat 4 Preview

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