D.Va is glitched in Overwatch Uprising…

D.Va on the Uprising event is glitched. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this? They must have surely, I can’t be the only one in the world. I’ve seen reports online but nothing mentioned on this site so I’m putting this post out to explain whats happening and to ask, have you experienced this too? (Apologies for poor picture quality)


So joining another game I scrolled through to try D.Va. I thought she might be quite good at it, decent weapon spread, high health, and an ultimate that can clear paths with ease. So I selected and off we went, down the dark tunnel that leads us to an Omnic infested site that we have to clear. At the start, this was the scoreboard I was greeted with:


Pretty standard. So as we know by now the first 2 Omnic soldiers are sat right in the tunnel minding their own business. They have to go.


A quick blast from the cannonsĀ and they are down. Now as far as I’m aware there are only 2 in that tunnel. There was 2 when I used Tracer, there was 2 when I used Mcree and I’m sure there are still 2 there when I use D.Va. However after those 2 kills the scoreboard now looks like this:


So according to the game now, I have a killstreak of 2 and 4 Omnic kills…… What?! It seems D.Va’s kills count as 2? I’ve not yet experienced this with any other character, partly because I haven’t tried but mainly to see how high I can get the number at the end. We continue on, taking out the next 2 Omnics around the corner:


And then the 3 by the first terminal:


Credit to the Ana healing me there. So as far as I make it, that is 7 Omnic eliminations for myself. Lets see what the scoreboard says shall we?


14! I have a killstreak of 7 but 14 eliminations! Wow. it looks to me like D.Va’s kills are worth double. What a weird and wonderful bug to have in the game…

I haven’t seen anything that says that other characters have been affected by this bug, how you found any? Has this bug affected your games? I forgot to screenshot it but I ended up with 402 eliminations at the end of this game, what’s your highest number with D.Va? Try it out for yourself! The event ends within the next week and I wonder if it will be patched? I played this on PS4, have you noticed anything on other platforms?


Thanks for reading this short and sweet post guys, hope you enjoyed it. I’d now guess that I wont be able to choose our favourite tank now for the fact that everyone will want to try it out. The full video I took can be found on my Twitter page linked below. Let me know your experiences in the comments!


Twitter – @jaymess24


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