Robot Wars Series 9 – Heat 3 Preview

2 heats down and 3 to go before the final. And what we have been treated to so far is stunning. Another dominant performance from one machine, this time it was Eruption following in the footsteps of Aftershock to make it 5 wins from 5 heat battles to book their place in that Grand Final. It was mighty impressive. Once again my huge thanks go to everyone who viewed, liked, re tweeted, saved as your desktop background or whatever you did with my last review. As ever it is massively appreciated. Thank you.

Onto Heat 3 we go then. Another mix of weaponry and some very tough calls to be made for predictions. Very even again. A difference with this preview is that I’ve seen the heat draw before writing, so I might be more accurate with predictions, maybe, possibly not? I wont put it here incase some people want a surprise come Sunday. Here are my views then on the first impressions of these competing machines and how I think they will get on. Would you agree with me?


Chimera 2

Chimera 2

Most Recent War – Series 8 (Heat, Round 1)

Kicking off this third heat is the return of Chimera with a brand new robot. They needed one to be fair, the last one got battered. This looks like the same sort of concept, hefty axe attached to a frame with large, but more sturdier wheels. The wheels were the problem in the last war as MR Speed Squared tore them apart and it led to swift exit. These look a bit more robust though. Plus it has interchangeable axes, a wedged front and Hardox armour so it looks like lessons have been learned from all angles for this war. Good to see the changes being made. So many teams seem to come back with the same old thing and it still gets nowhere. This is a good effort for a sequel, but is it a better machine?

Prediction – To come back, change pretty much everything about the robot but still keep the core qualities that people know and remember is a great effort from the Chimera team. Does it have that killer instinct though? I’m not too sure it does. MR Speed Squared is in this very heat again as well which could be trouble. Might be heading for another early bath here but I think it will put on a good show.



Foxic S9

Most Recent War – Series 8 (Heat, Round 2)

I love this new version of Foxic. Looks meaner, slicker and more cunning than the last wars. Same sort of concept again, 4 wheel drive with the lifter on the front but with better armour and a much higher top speed. Lets forget the performance of the last wars and start fresh with this machine; it looks like i can perform. Even if the lifter fails it looks like it can be a good rammer, a little like what Cobra did in the last heat. This is what was missing last time and the lack of offence probably cost it. Defensively it’s great but you can’t win a tournament being as the team put it ‘bombproof’.

Prediction – I think Foxic can do quite well. I expect bigger things than the last war but that’s mainly because of the redesign. Would love to see Foxic go up against ‘the coward’ Jason of Thor and I think the second round is definitely achievable. Craig Danby is also one of the best personalilites in the game so it would be good to see him hang around if he can.




Most Recent War – N/A (Newcomer)

Here comes a machine that has one the most interesting back stories this year. The team is made up of students studying Maths, Physics and Design & Tech, and Expulsion is the result of one of their teacher’s robotics club! We didn’t get to build robots in school, we were too busy finishing projects on the aesthetics of book ends! What a place to be and what a mean machine it looks. Fast spinning blade, covered wheels and what looks like good armour. The blade can spin in both directions for slashing and spearing and looks quite destructive. But only a top speed of 5 mph and the inability to get off its side or back if flipped is an issue. Compare the speed to Foxic’s 25 mph and we see the flaw.

Prediction – Regardless of whether Expulsion wins the championship or goes out in the first round, what an effort put in by these guys. It’s also an opportunity for them, I wish I’d have had the chance to build a robot whilst in education. I hope the team enjoy the experience and learn from it for future machines. This looks like a good starting block.



Most Recent War – N/A (Newcomer)

There really are some brilliant looking machines in this heat. Tauron is no different and what I always like to see is a new type of design in a machine. This fits that criteria, 2 wheel drive, invertable and a beastly looking spinning bar on the front. A frightening looking machine if ever I saw one, a little like a vertical Carbide. Remember The Alien? It reminds me a bit of an updated version of that with the bar going at a huge 3000 rpm. It has a pivot type system on the front wedge as well incase it get flipped so the ground clearance isn’t affected. But like Expulsion, can it get down from it’s back or side?

Prediction – Dangerous this one. I’ve looked at it many times and it get no less impressive. I have high hopes for Tauron, to a point where I think a heat final is a genuine possibility. Of course this could be one of my wilder predictions but it looks too good of a machine to go out in round 1. Dark house this one.




Most Recent War  – N/A (Newcomer)

Concussion looks like a machine looking to make a bold statement. Stands out with it’s bright orange paintwork and big tyres but all eyes point to the front. Nice big spinney drum thing which are starting to become more popular as a choice of weapon. This one is reported to go at 6000 rpm making it just a little, dare I use the word slower, than Sabretooth’s drum. Will still be destructive if it goes well. Another nice, simple but effective design. The intentions are clear, there’s no hidden weaponry, no funny looking self righter, it’s aim is to destroy and it can definitely make a good go of it. Main concern? There’s quite a good, experienced axed machine in this heat and those tyres do look quite tasty.

Prediction –  Little Concussion looks strong and would be one of my favourites for the heat. However….. it could come down to luck of the draw. A lot of robots in this heat are pretty much what Concussion could fear. Big axes, wedges attacking with speed and spinners that look like they’re the perfect height to shred the wheels. I would predict them to do well in this heat, if they get out of the group battle. There lies the danger for me, might be better at one on one battles.


Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal

Most Recent War – N/A (Newcomer)

Well look at this. Enter Heavy Metal, something that looks like a student crawling out of a rave bar on a Friday night. Excellent paintwork on this wedge shaped, tractor of a machine. In actual fact the colour scheme is a tribute to a Black Sabbath album (ask your Dad). Looks great either way. Moving away from the blue and pink neons for one minute to talk about the actual machine. It’s nice and big with large wheels, plenty of grip and speed and can cause others some problems. The weapon is interesting though and has apparently never been seen before on Robot Wars. I was a bit confused by it not long ago but maybe this picture doesn’t give much away. It’s a lifting arm mounted on the back that is interchangeable with a spinner, a drill, a flipper or can also be a thwack bot. I used to make that sort of thing with Meccano, very interesting robot.

Prediction – Underdog of the week here (still haven’t got a jingle for that). Will cause issues for other machines in this heat and could be the surprise package. Oh and the team? John Denny from 13 Black fame build this with the rest of his family. Experienced, knows how to win, it’s grown on me this robot. Didn’t think much of it when I saw it, now it looks like one of those effective nuisances that frustrates other competitors. Definitely a second round here at least.


MR Speed squared


Most Recent War  – Series 8 (Heat, Round 2)

The return of MR Speed Squared is one I’ve been waiting for. A machine that I tipped for heat victory last time didn’t have the best of second rounds after dominating its round 1 melee. Now it’s back with a much lower but wider profile and hopefully all reliability issues solved. A major problem last time was the armour, which had to be removed on one side because of weight constraints. Now it’s all about the compact frame with that piece of steel on top solving the issues from last time. It’s effectively running on scaffolding armour, a bit like Beast last year. The damage it can cause was clear last year, ripping a wheel from Chimera and smashing up Draven’s bodywork so if Speed Squared runs at 100% it could be one of the more dangerous spinners in this years contest. It needs to be, we’ve already seen what this generation of weapons can do.

Prediction – It’s all about the reliability here. If it works well it’ll be through round 1. If it has problems, like we saw last year, it’s very vulnerable especially to axes and pushers. A tough one here. I’d like it to do well but the weaknesses could be exposed again all too soon, a heat final is probably out of reach. This is a formula that can win if done right. A good family unit team though so the will to win is strong.



Thor S9

Most Recent War  – Series 8 (Fourth Place)

Thor returns for the ninth war as the highest placed machine from the eight war we’ve seen so far. The third seeds as I’m calling them (due to there being no TR2 in this series, why BBC 2??) are red hot heat favourites for me and it really is a striking design compared to last year. Same concept again, big red thing with one smashy hammer/axe. The speed and aggression is what made Thor what it was last time, initially losing in the heat final to Shockwave but being given a very well earned wildcard for the Grand Final. Something Jason said in Battle of the Stars stood out to me when talking tactics with the hair of Robbie Savage: ‘Driving is 90% of it’. You look at Thor’s performances again from series 8 and you understand what he meant. Great machines have come and gone but the potential has been dulled by some who couldn’t quite keep the weapon end pointing at the opponent. Thor is a good machine, a very good machine. But the combination of man and machine in this instance presents a very good case for more success this time around.

Prediction – Like I say, heat favourites and a second consecutive Grand Final would be more than brilliant. Who can give them a hard time? Strangely possible Foxic with it’s speed and power or maybe even Concussion. But with nothing in this heat having the power of Apollo or Carbide to attack that new scoop on the front, Jason and Thor should be good for this heat. I’ll make a bold statement as well; they’ll win the heat undefeated in the heat to heads.


Once again i think you for sticking with this latest edition of my preview pieces. I just have one more thing I want to mention. It’s about Behemoth in the last heat. Anthony Pritchard is a great competitor. He’s been around with Behemoth since the second series of Robot Wars, thats nearly 20 years of competing. That has to be respected. Regardless of whether that fight was against kids or a group of retired engineers, Ant acted on passion and emotion at the end and it was all directed at his own team, not the Cherub guys. The thing that bugs me is, as is the way with the internet these days, the way it got blown out of hand and the way it was covered in the media. Look back over the Robot Wars twitter page and see what happened after. The Cherub guys tweeted their views and experience and Noel Sharkey has been brilliant with his handling of the situation and the decisions given in that heat. I read a few reports after that Ant still went and congratulated the Cherub guys after the fight. Don’t believe everything you read, Ant’s storming out of the booth was definitely not the first time it’s happened and it certainly wont be the last.

I dont believe that was a rant but apologies if it sounded like one! Moving on from that again I send my thank to all who take the time to read my articles. Leave me a comment with any predictions or opinions you have for this heat or indeed any other episode in this series. Who’s your favourite here? Find out BBC 2, Sunday @ 7. It should be another cracker.

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2 thoughts on “Robot Wars Series 9 – Heat 3 Preview

  1. If I hadn’t been so busy with Uni work I would have seen this earlier haha. Another interesting heat, and again no clear favourite for me. You could say Thor go in with an inherent advantage being Grand Finalists last year but I wonder if the new design will actually be as good as the original. I just have that nagging feeling it might not perform as well.

    I very much like the new Foxic, but i’m certain somehow the curse of Craig Danby will come out in force and screw them over- hopefully they’ll get to the head to heads first. Chimera and Expulsion are most likely to go out in Rd1 in my opinion, but any of the other 6 could go through.

    In terms of who I think could win? I’m going to go with Concussion, and i’m partly doing this based on what I saw of Terrorhurtz v Sabretooth. There are many angled pieces on Thor for Concussion to hit and cause havoc, and I think that’ll tip it. But I also would make Thor one of the favourites for the wildcard (Again lol). It’s certainly going to be close.


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