Robot Wars Series 9 – Heat 2 Preview

It is well and truly back, and back with a vengeance. What carnage we had and it look set to continue for the next 5 weeks. Straight from the off we had flying Jellyfish and flying Nuts (so to speak) and bit and pieces coming from who knows where and going to who knows where too, it was brilliant. Robot Wars at its absolute finest. A big well done to Aftershock and a massive well done goes to the Sabretooth team. They were my stars of that first heat. My thanks to fellow Robot Wars nerd Chris (Robotwars2016) for his predictions. Seems the sod is one step ahead of me as per, correctly predicting Aftershock to fly through. Big thanks to Inside the Bot (@InsideTheBot) on Twitter too for re tweeting and helping me plug the first heat’s preview piece. Hugely appreciated.

Anyway enough about the past, let’s get onto the future. Heat 2 looks very tightly contested. Possibly the closest of the series this could be, so here is a preview of the machines competing and how I think they’ll do. Game on…


Behemoth S9

Most Recent War – Series 8 (Heat Final)

Ah Behemoth. Where would we be without you? Rapidly becoming the wars’ pin up machine, the team are now competing in their 8th consecutive wars, what commitment that is. Always a class act but regularly underachieve in my view. All you Robot Wars freaks such as myself will know what Behemoth can do. Big pushy thing with a huge scoop on the front, very aggressive, very low to the ground. The scoop is now interchangeable to suit opponents and the self righting arms have now been beefed up too. Recipe for success? Well not entirely. Behemoth has been unreliable in the past and has taken a beating off lesser robots before. They became unstuck last year by Carbide and while the scoop is very strong, is it good enough to stand up to the sheer power of spinners these days? That said theres only a couple of them in this heat and Behemoth was a very strong wildcard shout last year.

Prediction – A strong and experienced contender as always. Behemoth should clear the first round without many problems. But like with most machines in this heat, all bets are off in round 2. You’d have to think they need at least 2 wins to progress to the heat final and they definitely have it in them. It’s between these guys and PP3D for the heat final for me.



Most Recent War – N/A (Newcomer)

Not to be confused with the Series 7 competitor with the same name (who remembered that anyway?) comes Cobra. Another international entry hailing from Belgium, this nasty looking grabber/piercer is one of the quickest machines in this years contest, capable of reaching about 15 mph in a second. So a speedy snake then. And an experienced team. They fought in the Dutch wars and failed to qualify in the last wars too and as Tough As Nails isn’t competing this time around, half of said team are on board as well. Looks promising, but does it have that killer instinct? Invertable yes, but a high ground clearance. Spinner proof? Well those wheels can only be screwed on so tight. The speed will mean it has to attack fast and first before it gets attacked itself.

Prediction – There’s not much to Cobra but I like that. A nice simple design but again how effective can it be? The pace will be key and I think it could attack well. Other machines will be thinking mmmmmm, tyres. Might be a step too far for this slippery customer.



Most Recent War – Series 8 (Heat, Round 2)

The undercutter spinner is back and once again boasting one of the most powerful discs in this year contest. On first glance there doesn’t seem to be much different with PP3D for series 9 except the larger, sturdier, but still quite vulnerable tyres. Internally theres a few changes though. Improved wiring and electronics helps with drive and power, new weapon mechanism helps spin the 31 kg disc faster and up to a top speed of 2500 rpm. Painful sounding speeds. PP3D used the disc last year to cause a lot of damage but only managed to come away with the 1 head to head victory in round 2. This time I’d set them up for bigger things. They sounds more destructive, more powerful and more resilient. I like the fact that there are names on the disc too, each belonging to backers who pledged money to the robot. A nice gesture.

Prediction – Something tells me PP3D is going to be better in every way this war. In the current world of Robot Wars I don’t think I’ve given spinners as much credit as they deserve. And given that their only round 2 victory last time was against Eruption who are also in this heat, confidence will be high. They should make the heat final, but like I said it will depend on the (possible) fight with Behemoth to see who has the best chance.


Draven S9

Most Recent War – Series 8 (Heat, Round 1)

I’ve always liked the look of Draven ever since I first saw it in Extreme 1. A beautiful dragon, bird type thing that on paper should be quite destructive and powerful. Unfortunately it’s never shown that but it’s never really had the chance. King B took it out early in its wild card fight and Mr Speed Squared made light work of the kevlar armour in the last war. This time Draven looks a little meaner, covered in titanium to stop things like that happening again. Just looks like someone didn’t have time to paint it. The machine itself is faster this time and has a new chassis but again a high ground clearance. Many flippers and lifters in this heat could spell trouble, best hope the self righter works they might need it.

Prediction – Draven is a great looking beast, really is. But looking at the machines in this heat there doesn’t seem to be much it can get it’s teeth into. They’re all a funny shape or only have one or two places to grab onto. Is that all they’ll need though? Needs find those spots quick because I feel they could get flipped round a lot. Could be another round 1 exit here.



Most Recent War – Series 8 (Heat Final)

Cherub comes from the Gabriel team from the last wars and is a completely different machine. As much as I wanted to see Gabriel again this time, I’m glad the team are at least here. And this team is formed of some of the kids of the family, great to see. A shame that Gabriel isn’t here though; they won the FRA UK championship last year so well worth a place. Cherub has been competing too on the live stage in a blue and yellow livery for a few years now however Craig Colliass stated that this machine was not actually designed for combat. The unique feature here is that the lifting forks can make to robot do handstands! Win or lose I hope we get to see this, it is an impressive spectacle.

Prediction – I can’t see Cherub going far to be honest. The little wings on top could hamper its self righting abilities and, again, the wheels are exposed. The team are great though, and I have a piece of Gabriel in my front room, won from the TR2 auction last year by my sneaky girlfriend who beat me to the final bid so she could give it me for Christmas! But as long as we get to see the handstand from Cherub though, I’ll be happy.


Eruption S9

Most Recent War – Series 8 (Heat, Round 2)

Eruption were unfortunate in the last wars to come up against such good machines as PP3D, Storm 2 & Apollo in the second round and were probably unlucky to not take another scalp once there as well. A fine designed machine, this is one of my favourites from the live stage. Twice FRA UK champions, Eruption utilises the front flipper well and is now combined with a drum spinner on top. And the flipper is a seriously good one. But again we didn’t really get to see it much in the last war. They threw Terror Turtle clean out of the arena in the first round and looked very good. They just didn’t get to broadcast how good they could perform. If you’ve not seen it before, Google it and see what I’m talking about. It’s a mighty machine.

Prediction – I predicted (wrongly of course) that Eruption would make it through the heat in the last war. And as tight as it is this week I think they can do it this time, the only major problem would be PP3D. May struggle against Hobgoblin but I think they can overcome that, and has beaten Behemoth on the live stage a fair few times. Lessons will have been learned from the PP3D fight last year so i’ll stick my neck out and say that this is the heat winner.



Most Recent War – N/A (Newcomer)

Underdog of the week alert! I might need a jingle or an emoticon for that if I’m going to keep using it (anyone?). Hobgoblin is a tidy machine. I love the ghoulish green and purple paint job and just look at that weapon. Not your average drum spinner no, this looks to be a brand new type of blade. Heavy at 20 kg and going just over 2000 rpm, it looks like the motive is to send machines flying as well as destroying them. My main query would be self righting; can it for a start? Or will it do what Aftershock did last time around? It was interesting to see a spinner right itself like that and it could become the future in this age of robotic combat. Nice and low and quick, this would be my surprise performer for the heat.

Prediction – Can definitely catch one of the more experienced machines out and cause a surprise, but how much of a spanner in the works could it be? Lovely design and potentially very destructive. If I were to jump off the fence I’d say this can get to round 2, but it will need to be all out attack in the first round. Then we’ll see how good they are.

Push To Exit

Push To Exit

Most Recent War – Series 8 (Heat Final)

Team S-Tek are back with a brand new machine thats sleek and low. Entering as the only front hinged flipper in this series’ contest it’s completely different to Dantomkia. But it is very similar to previous S-Tek machine Envy, just a bit bigger and a bit more blue. Envy was a very good machine and if this one performs the same it will be great too. I like front hinged flippers. They offer a different method of attack and require different tactics from others to counter them. The name is great as well and the ever present Shane Swan is a great character to have in the roboteering world. Needs to be quick and low in order to get underneath and make other robots exit the warzone. Weaknesses? Front hingers need to be able to physically get the body of the robot underneath another for maximum lifting effect. Therefore is Push To Exit low enough to achieve that?

Prediction – Another great looking machine and most times I’d have had them at a heat final, almost dead cert. I want it to well, really I do…. but…. might as well say it, I think it could go out early on… Without seeing the first round draw it’s hard to judge. I’d have it as a toss up between these guys and Hobgoblin for the head to heads. Just something says to me that it’s weaknesses will be exposed, as little as it does have. Still a huge fan of team S-Tek though. Feel bad now…

There we go then, there are my thoughts on the seconds heat’s proceedings. As ever thank you for sticking with me and feel free to leave comments and your own predictions below. Just very quickly a thumbs up to the BBC again for announcing the 10th wars that should be out before the year is over, good job. And also a plug to Dave Lawrie of the Jellyfish team that competed last week. He has a pledge on Facebook for a new machine for that 10th war, have a read of it here. It’s great little piece, get on it and leave him some thoughts. We all need a bit of daft in the warzone!

Tune into BBC 2 on Sunday folks, @ 7 pm. This war has only just begun…

Twitter – @jaymess24

Robots Reactivate – The War Is Coming…

Robot Wars Series 9 – Heat 1 Preview

2 thoughts on “Robot Wars Series 9 – Heat 2 Preview

  1. It’s that time! Some very good robots in this heat- infact, there are good robots in every heat. Without knowing the heats, I think Cherub, Draven and Cobra will probably go in Round 1. I’m very much torn on who the 4th robot to go out is going to be, it’s that close.

    In terms of who I think is going to win, this was a tough call. In the end I put it down to either PP3D’s hellish looking spinning disc or Push To Exit, just because as a massive Firestorm fan I loved the idea of a front hinged flipper, and I like the look of the robot. But this war looks like a war of the spinners, and barring any technical or mechanical difficulties like they had last year, i’m going to stick my neck out and say PP3D are going to win this heat, PTE second and probably a good contender for a wildcard. But who knows haha, I think any of 5 could realistically have a chance.


    • I was proper struggling doing this one. I put that someone would go through but then changed it when I thought someone else would go through! Hard without knowing the line ups, 3 of our first rounders could be in the same fight


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