Robot Wars Series 9 – Heat 1 Preview

Here we go again! Admittedly Im writing these a lot sooner than I thought it would be (good job BBC ūüôā ) but that’s fine with me. I enjoy doing these. Building anticipation before Series 9 of Robot Wars begins within the next week.

Nearly all of the machines for this series have been revealed and from what I can see, they’re mean. Like seriously mean. The potential for nearly all of the 40 competitors is high and if¬†they all perform¬†this could be one of the most destructive and epic series yet. Like the last wars, I’m going to preview each machine week by week, and very badly predict who has the best chance of going though and who has the best chance of going home. As ever I welcome other people comments and predictions, lets see if you’re as wrong as I will be. Lets get into it…..




Most Recent War – Series 8 (Grand Final)

We start with this mean looking machine. Coming from one of many bots from Team Shock, Aftershock is the follow up to last years finalist Shockwave. Now I don’t now what I was expecting when Aftershock was announced, but it was nothing like this. A single toothed 259-style disc interchangeable with a 14 kg vertical bar going at around 2400 rpm. That’s about the same speed as Carbide last year. Painful. It’s nothing like Shockwave, completely new and very scary. When the heat list was announced, Terrorhurtz was the name that stood out to me as the potential winner. But this is something new. Not sure about how it will fair as it cant really self right but it’s definatley a contender. If you know Team Shock from live events you may know that Aftershock is very similar to some of the teams featherweights, perhaps providing a bit of inspiration. Could go far.

Prediction –¬†Honestly I think this heat will come down to Aftershock and Terrorhurtz. Spinner vs Axe. Terrorhurtz has massive armour though and is probably the one machine that Aftershock may struggle against in whole series. A heat final for Aftershock for me, but it will be very impressive.


Nuts 2


Most Recent War – Series 8 (Heat, Round 2)

The Nutty boys are back! Excellent, was chuffed when I saw them on the list. Gave great entertainment in the last war after surviving through a battle that involved Razer. Didn’t win any fights after that and got brutally taken apart by Carbide in the process but they were worth their place 100%. They come back with Nuts 2. Looks a wee but smaller but more robust than it’s predecessor but it’s still the same concept. Spin around and smash everything in sight, confusing both the enemy and themselves. Brilliant. On a bigger note the top hats seem to have been replaced by woolly ones. The series was filmed in Scotland in the middle of December after all.

Prediction – As much as I’m happy to see Nuts back and I know they’ll be entertaining again, I’m not sure they can get through the group stages again. Of course we don’t know the draw yet (not at the time of writing) but I fear they maybe outclassed. That said who thought they’d get out of the first melee last time? Neither¬†Behemoth or Terrorhurtz could beat them outright either. Could still surprise. Secretly, I hope they do.


Crank E


Most Recent War РSeries 8 (Heat, Round 1)

Entering the warzone is the other machine that (rather skillfully) went out of that group battle with Razer, allowing Nuts to proceed. Thankfully trimming the name to a much easier to type Crank E, this chunky looking bulldozer looks like it means business. Taking a leaf from the Nuts robot building rule book about mandatory googly eyes, its looks a little like last years model. Same long shape with a nasty spinning blade in the middle. A spinning blade that allegedly goes at 6000 rpm. The speeds of discs and blades these days are crazy, but some machines in the last wars proved that its not always about how fast it goes. So again the potential is high. Looks a little like a riot shield actually, I quite like it. And once again Crank E comes from the same brilliant mind that created Pussycat, they know what they’re doing.

Prediction –¬†I love a machine that looks rough and rugged and Crank E fits that bill. I think this version will put up a better challenge than the last war where they seemed to be specifically targeted by Razer. But again will it be enough? I’m not so sure, I’m reckoning theres better machines in this heat.




Most Recent War – Series 8 (Heat, Round 1)

Ah Sabretooth. A veteran of 3 previous UK championships, this being their 4th. Always had some fantastic looking machines down the years and this one, to me, is no exception. It also looks like the most simple looking Sabretooth machine too. Nice and low, good weapon and yellow. Looks a bit like Black & Blue from the 7th wars for those who remember, but most importantly its invertable, so this means a srimech is not needed. However, Sabretooth has famously never won a Robot Wars battle. It’s not all about bad performance and design; Sabretooth has had huge misfortune before. In the 5th war they lost a controversial judges call, in the 6th the weapon broke after the qualifiers, in the 7th they couldn’t tone down the power of the disc when asked so couldn’t fight. Last year the self righter broke before the first fight. So maybe a change in luck is what the future holds. Surely?

Prediction –¬†¬†Its great to see a team and machine come back time and time again even with little success. And its even more admirable when its effectively a new machine everytime. I think its great, and honestly I think Sabretooth can get that win now. Genuinely. Looks powerful, sleek and strong and although they could come a cropper against other machines I think this is the best chance for Sabretooth. Don’t anybody forget to #prayforgabe , this could be the time.




Most Recent War – N/A, Newcomer

Look at whats crawled out of the sea! What a beast, all welcome Jellyfish to the warzone this year. A very colourful, very charismatic creature that operates as an (what looks like) invertable clamping robot. Very large as well, made out of the same material that Gabriel used in the last war and of course, mandatory googly eyes. It looks great, one of the best in the series for me. And what makes things add up is that it was created by one of the ‘brains’ behind Nuts last year, so who knows what to expect with this one. How powerful can the clamp be? I suppose it has to be a large enough¬†to get hold of the others, but does it works as a Tough As Nails kind of grabber or a Kan Opener type crusher? Time shall indeed tell. Looks like a fun robot either way.

Prediction –¬†For all the pleasing aesthetics on Jellyfish Im unsure on how it will perform. Quite flat so easily axed, quite large so easily hit, relatively high ground clearance. I can’t see them progressing but I hope they put up a good fight. 10/10 for effort though.




Most Recent War – Series 7 (Heat, Round 1)

I’ve put TMHWK in as a veteran because of the entry in UK 7. A bit like Dantomkia last time out; Tomahawk was entered but then lost in round 1 of said war. It was then sold on and ended up with this current team; an all female group from Holland. Good to see. Differences from the 7th wars are quite high. It retains the axe from before but it now has the standard wheel setup instead of tracks and lovely purple paint job. Looks quite mean actually, a little bit like a more slender Kat 3. Has experience from the live stage too so the tea have seasoned their skills beforehand. The reason theres no vowels in the title still eludes me though.

Prediction –¬†Another stunning looking machine. The effort gone into the machines this series, never mind this heat, is phenomenal. But again how will it perform? For me, Im not so sure again. There’s better robots in this heat and TMHWK could be sent for the earliest of baths.




Most Recent War – N/A, Newcomer

This looks a tidy machine. Meet Rapid. Nice, simple, low wedge shape design with a flipper. I mentioned that rugged look earlier so I like the way this one looks too. Very original, quick and potentially dangerous. Mini Turbulence Im calling it. There’s nothing mini about the cost to build though. Reportedly, Rapid cost around ¬£25,000 to build! That’s huge! We (and the team) best hope it’s worth it; that’s a serious chunk of dough. It’s that sort of thing that would put me off building my own machine. I’ve wanted to since I was about 9, and 17 years later I probably still couldn’t afford to. But if you’ve got the budget I suppose you’d go for it. Lets just hope it was money well spent.

Prediction –¬†For all my poverty ranting though, Rapid gets my special underdog of the week star. I like the design, I like what I see in the stats; I think this machine will perform. This could be the surprise of the heat, thought Id still have a couple of machines above them.




Most Recent War – Series 8 (Heat, Round 2)

The axe men cometh. For anybody who knows anything about robot combat in the last 10 years, you should know all about Terrorhurtz. For those who think robotic combat only started last July, get yourself on YouTube; you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Terrorhurtz is a former UK grand finalist and one of the most powerful and best engineered robots around. Huge hitting axe, low ground clearance and very quick to self right, not much can stand up to this power. Im really pleased they came back, and though not much looks like it’s changed, maybe it didn’t have too. They went out last war, effectively because the axe failed to fire and turn it back over. Without that axe it stood up to and beat Carbide in the heat. Just couldn’t beat Nuts outright when it was working….

Prediction –¬†Because of the experience and because they stood up so well to the likes of Carbide, I don’t know if they’res much that can match Terrorhurtz in this heat. Even a ridiculously powerful Aftershock. As good as the robots are in this heat, I see those 2 as head and shoulders above everyone else. But that’s just me. And like I mentioned earlier, Terrorhurtz is probably the one machine that Aftershock wouldn’t want to fight. The heat winner and Grand Finalists are here in my opinion.


There we have it, we’ve reached the end of this heats preview. As ever thank you for sticking with me and I welcome feedback and predictions. Who do you think will stand out? Leave me a comment and let me know. All these thoughts are my opinion. If you were with me last war, you’ll know that my opinions and thoughts are usually, quite very wrong. But that’s the fun of it! I hope I’ve got you all ready for what looks set to be an amazing series. The robots activate this Sunday the 5th at 7pm on Beeb 2. As ever, Let the wars begin….

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2 thoughts on “Robot Wars Series 9 – Heat 1 Preview

  1. Ah I’ve missed this! If I remember rightly I got 4/6 right last time, but who knows this time around. Some mean looking robots this week too. Crank-E looks much improved, that surprised me the most, but I’m still not convinced. Jellyfish, for all the creativity, just doesn’t look up to it, and neither does Nuts, but they do still look great fun. TMHWK could probably do fairly well if they avoid the spinners, but I think they’re just too exposed all round and the axe doesn’t look potent enough.

    Obviously I don’t know the melee lineups, but I’d say Sabertooth, Rapid, Terrorhurtz and Aftershock to go through. I also agree with Terrorhurtz and Aftershock being the top 2, but I’m going to stick my neck out and disagree on the winner. As much as I would love Terrorhurtz to win, Aftershock just looks so powerful. I think they’re going to win the heat.


    • Haha good man :-D. Aftershock looks mean, but the armour on the hurtz….. Quite solid. Of course, I dont really have a monkeys. Jellyfish will probably come through and win the whole thing


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