Robots Reactivate – The War Is Coming…

Oh Yes, we are back!  After whats felt like years, the announcement went out yesterday that Robot Wars 2017 will be go on the first Sunday in March; just over 2 weeks away. Excited much?

Yep it seems all those frantic hours on Twitter since Battle of the Stars went out have paid off and it seems to have taken just 3 months from filming to broadcast, about half what it did last year. We’re going in the right direction. So what do we know? Well theres 40 competitors once again, spread over 5 heats. The winners go into the Grand Final with a sixth robot chosen as a wildcard by the judges. Sound familiar? If it is the same format as last year then it will be the first time that consecutive series have been the same. Its not a bad thing at all, maybe I was just being greedy and hoping for more.

One of the biggest changes that stand out to me is the pit release tyre. The difference for this war is that it might not activate the pit when pressed…. It might, but theres the chance it could cause a house robot to come and attack for a few seconds. Dodgy rule or stroke of genius? Im undecided about this. I wouldn’t want the house robots interfering on a battle result as the conclusion of an unlucky break. Might work, what do I know? Might make things more exciting, making teams a little more weary of going for that pit knockout. We’ll just have to see, I wont rule anything out until I’ve seen it.

So with the announcement, the first 8 teams were released. Some old Robot Wars favourite such as Terrorhurtz, Nuts, Sabretooth & Crank-E, a few from the live stage such as TMHWK, some a little new in terms of Rapid & Aftershock (which Im guessing is the new Shockwave), and one named after a sea creature in Jellyfish. It sounds like an interesting line up. Im chuffed Terrorhurtz and Nuts are back, but until we can see some pictures or some stats its hard to call. As of writing this post there is no information that I can find available about these machines. Im hoping they appear in due course.

So I suppose this post is just for me to show a bit of excitement and anticipation for the nest series and I cant wait to get started. Apologies for it being so short… Im also pleased that its March 5th start. The rumours that the series would begin Feb 26th didn’t sit too well; Im away that weekend. Lucky me! For those who followed me last time, I very much thank you for your likes and comments and what nots. Im hoping to do heat previews a few days before once again so keep your eyes peeled for those. And tell all your mates!

Let the 9th wars begin……


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