Overwatch Year of the Rooster – Another FREE Update

So they’ve only gone and done it again. Blizzard with all their might and power have given us a new special event to lose ourselves for the next 3 weeks. I must say, The year of the Rooster event caught me completely off guard, which is surprising given how I’ve practically lived, breathed and prayed to Overwatch since I bought it in August last year. I only first saw it on Twitter Tuesday morning. How bad of a fan am I?

Now as much as I’ve liked everything Blizzard has given to us since the release of Overwatch, my first thought was that this event has come too soon in the wake of the Winter Wonderland., although this is still very welcome. Like its predecessors, the year of the Rooster event has many skins, voice lines, emotes and sprays for us to spend many hours attempting to collect. And there’s some nice ones too. Mei & Tracer are personal favourites of mine.


A few of the skins on offer. Roadhog just looks freaky…

Traditionally each event has given us a new game mode to attempt. This time is no exception and its essentially that old favourite Capture the Flag. And its very good fun. Taking place in Lijiang Tower, the usual 2 teams of 6 attempt to retrieve the enemies flag and return it to their base. First to 3, or the team with the highest score wins. Simple. However there are a few very minor details to this game mode that separate it from other capture the flag modes I’ve played recently. You cant pick up the flag if you take damage for example and its treated in the same way as an objective, as in there’s a little delay as you pick up this most treasured item. Of course this gives every Bastion on the planet a chance to fill you with holes but for me it works really well, once again encouraging that all important team play. The games are a nice length as well. As we know some competitive games can go on for a long time, even some quick play matches go the full distance. But by having Capture the Rooster at a nice 7 minutes a match, its great for a quick blast of Overwatch carnage and good fun too. The way it looks is amazing, fitting in withe usual vibrant colour scheme of Overwatch, yet recreating that feel of Chinese new year. There’s even fireworks to set off, yep no expense has been spared on this update. I really hope this game mode sticks around, its one of my favourites so far.


Why so serious? The flags behind you!

Other points of note with this update involve the killfeed. I know, hardly the most interesting of subjects in an online FPS, but it is a nice difference. The colours are bolder, easier to see and have enhanced detail. This makes it easier to see whats happening; a quick glance will tell you that Torbjorn turret is destroyed rather than studying the feed to check. The extra detail comes in the form of how enemies were eliminated. New icons show if it was a headshot or even if someone used their ultimate ability to clear the way. A nice touch. As is the ability to assign 4 voice lines, emotes and/or sprays to each of your characters, meaning Sombra can now mix and match her ‘Boop’ with something a little less irritating on loop. I haven’t tried this extensively but when I had a go assigning more voice lines to Roadhog (not specific, just who I was playing as), I found it more difficult to select. Sure you’ve got your default one that you can use anytime through the menu, but to access more you have to hold down the menu, hold L1 or R1 (if like me you’re on Playstation) for the selection wheel then use the right stick to make your choice. A bit fiddly but again, a nice choice to have.

But surely Im nitpicking. On the whole this is yet another great update. Add this to Oasis being added earlier on in the month and the future is bright for this great title. And as Blizzard carry on keeping this game fresh, theres always one thing that plays on my mind; Why would you spend money on any other title, then pay another 15 or 20 quid for 4 or 5 maps that also mean you cant play others who haven’t bought them? Yes I know that question seems very directed at Call Of Duty but I mean on the whole. I’ve not paid a single penny for any extra maps, game modes or even characters since I got Overwatch and I genuinely think that is part of the reason the game has done so well; the updates come for free. Blizzard have done a great job with this and of course, if a sequel to a game I really liked came out Id jump on it. Me personally Id just be tempted to try something else that has done as well as Overwatch. And after my experiences with this game, I wouldn’t want to pay for extra gear anywhere else., I might not even want to go back. And this is because of what Blizzard have achieved. They’ve reeled us in and they intend to keep us there, but making sure we’re happy in the process. I hope that makes sense….

Im chuffed I stumbled on Overwatch. I wanted a new game and it was between this or No Man’s Sky… I think I made the right choice. I recently made it past level 100 and I don’t want to slow down. Keep going Blizzard. You’ve already got a winner; its keeping it there that’s the difficult part.

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