Robot Wars 2016 – Heat 3 Preview

After the ‘shock’ value (ah very funny) of Sunday’s episode, I bring you a preview of heat 3 in this latest wonderful series full of highly exiting and entertaining fights (Foxic V MR Speed Squared anyone?). The downside to this is after this episode we are already half way through the series. I’m hoping when this comes back we go to a full 16 heats and 2 semi finals kinda series.                                                                                                                                       My thanks go to robotwars2016 for their comments on predictions for last weeks episode. Though this has become apparent that we (especially me) are once again very inaccurate, both predicting Tough As Nails and MR Speed Squared to be in the heat final. However I shall attempt give my verdict on the more familiar names and teams competing this week. Feel free to leave a comment if you think something different!

Notes – The stats & honours I’ve mentioned are only relevant to the original series 1-7, Extreme 1 & 2, and not to do with performances on the live stage.                                                               – Newcomers are classed as a team with a new machine, regardless if the team have competed before.

The Veterans

King B Remix

King_B_Powerworks_All-Stars (1)                   kinbr

Honours – Tag Team Champion (Series 4)                                                                                           Best UK Championship – Series 2 (Semi-Finals, Arena)

Ah King B. Talk about starting at the very beginning. One of few machines and teams that has been around for such a long time, and it’s great to see them back. They had a Robot Wars career very similar to Behemoth. Both entered in Series 2, where they made the arena stage in the Semis, followed by the odd heat final in future wars, never losing in a first round battle and both prone to unpredictable spasms. A creation very similar to former incarnations King B3 and the Powerworks series, this remixed version boasts to be much stronger internally even without its old rear disc weapon. Which is good, as it means this one might not burn itself out and catch fire quite so often.

Verdict – In this day and age of robots, might some lifting spikes and a bit of grunt be enough? Having said that, I saw them at a live event last year and it did seen more resilient to attacks. King B started to look more ineffective in later wars in my opinion, but still one of my favourite teams. I hope they make round 2, but they might struggle to do so. Hey, look at what Foxic achieved, stranger things have happened.


Supernova7                           Supernova_2016

Best UK Championship – Series 6 (Heat Final)

Supernova became a bit of a fan favourite in the original series, some even calling for them to be seeded in UK 7 rather than Ming Dienasty. And I can see why they were so popular. Team Trinity have also been around since the second wars, but not with Supernova. They had Oblivion which, altogether, wasn’t a great creation. In series 5 they started with this machine and, though it looked good, struggled against Behemoth in its one and only fight. It was the sixth war where the damage they dealt became Hypnodics-esque, even making a world championship final. So what’s the problem? Reliability in my eyes. Something always seemed to let them down in the UK championships more than them being against better opponents. On the outside it looks about the same, but I’m thinking theres been more work done to the internals. A destructive as the disc was though, it was also a little top heavy at times.

Verdict – Spinners haven’t had a bad run out in this series so far. But again as good as Supernova looks, something is niggling away in this tiny little brain of mine saying that it won’t do very well. The only reason for that is I keep thinking it’ll be more of the same. A good few hits that will send themselves spearing across the arena, and internally combusting. Happy to be proved wrong though, it is a very damaging machine.

Big Nipper

Big_Nipper                      download (2)

Best UK Championship – Series 7 (Heat Final)

Oh my, Big Nipper, what have they done to you? I have no idea if that looks very good or hideously bad. Maybe it’s because we’re so used to seeing them as a pincer that a disc looks out of place? I really don’t know what to make of it this time. I like the orange I suppose? Happily though, the disc is interchangeable with the claws of old that took them to a very close UK heat final against The Grimreaper. I always liked this design, even though the claws and the lifter worked on a sort of clutch mechanism, meaning that only one could be used at a time. Add that to the fact that on the live stage they won the UK title twice, then this version becomes more of an unknown. They do say the disc can get up to 4000 rpm though and at those speeds, it must be able to cut holes in something.

Verdict – It’s strange, it’s almost like a brand new machine. It’s like putting an axe on Razer, or pincers on the front of Hypnodisc. It’s a complete unknown. I hope it makes round 2, I really do. Big Nipper is a very well engineered machine, so maybe I should believe they know what they’re doing. I want to see more of it and see them do well.


Dantomkia                        Dantomkia_2016

Best UK Championship – Series 6 (Semi-Final, Round 2)

Dantomkia. Named after a bloke from Surreys three kids, and one of the more successful competitors of later wars. A very aggressive, very hard hitting machine with its high pressure flipper on the front, Dantomkia had one of the most impressive debut campaigns of any robot ever. Tipped for success from the beginning, the mark 4 version of this machine smashed around Mr. Nasty and Crushtacean in its Series 6 melee, put Might Mouse out of the arena and then, wow, sent Chaos 2 the same way. Yes, that Chaos 2. Incredible. They made 2 UK Semi-Finals in 2 attempts, as well as competing in the All-Stars and Challenge Belt and finished the series with the most out of arena flips my any competitor machine. Times have changed and whereas the machine looks about the same, the team certainly does not. The mark 4 version of Dantomkia was sold in 2006, then sold on again in 2010 to Team S-Tec, which now includes experienced Shane Swan (Of Hell’s Teeth, Trax and Envy fame) and Stuart Barnwell (From the more recent Pussycat days). Surely a recipe for more success?

Verdict – I seem to have a lot to say about this machine so I’ll keep this verdict relatively short. Heat final. But only because I’ve already chosen my heat winner.

The Newcomers



Finally, a pink robot! For too long, Robot Wars has called out for another Killertron pink glow in the arena. Well maybe not, but it will stand out. This axed wonder was the brain child of a 9 year old girl. That would show some people up wouldn’t? Glitterbomb is quite the underdog in this heat, but does the shape look familiar? The team owns former UK competitor Edge-Hog and though this is a brand new robot, it has borrowed parts from the more well known machine to compete.

Verdict – I like it. I like the idea that a kid can create an idea and it be put into practise. That said I’m not sure the axe is as powerful as some others, and might fall in round 1 in quite an experienced heat. Sorry young roboteers around the world, don’t let me put you off.



Wae’aye man, the Geordies are in town! And they arrive with the second in their Toon Raider machines. The first one was good, this one is a bit of a beast. For those who don’t know TR2 has had major success on the live stage. They are the most recent winners of the FRA (Fighting Robots Association) UK championship, winning last year against Eruption in the final. Weapons? A very high pressure flipper and new for this series, that little axe on the back that’s attached to said weapon. To be honest if they use that even once, hats will start be consumed in my house.

Verdict – We haven’t seen too many flippers in this series yet, so there could be fireworks in this heat. Slick design, very very powerful, quick and manoeuvrable. I’ll keep it simple. Heat winners and easily.



What is this? What on earth is this? Pokemon GO and this series of the wars have taken us back to the 90s recently, but the one thing that is up to date is the actual machines. This looks like it’s fell out of Clarkson’s leather jacket. A scoop on the front and a Wheelosaurus type blade on the back and a ground clearance the size of your dining room table, it seems this Scottish team have had too much of the moonshine (Man I sound like a grumpy sod writing this week). Oh and it has a petrol engine on board. And the main armour is wood. I think that is the only way this machine will go up in this series.

Verdict – Surely the weakest machine in this championship? Can’t get past the first round can it? But for all my slating the team seem like good fun, and that’s all part of the game.

Or Te


Finally this week comes Or Te. A funny name for a funny looking alien type robot. Tough armour, quick, good flipper on it. A normal machine entering the wars like this would do OK. But then I go and tell you that the working name for this was Bigger Brother 2, then you have to talk up it’s chances some more. Or Te comes from the very same team and in a way, it sort of looks like Bigger Brother. A lot to live up to then for the former UK finalists, but no Joe and Ellie this time around which is a shame. That said, Ian Watts is a very well respected and experienced roboteer, and I can’t wait to see how this one performs.

Verdict – In the ‘old’ days of second round head to heads I’d say this one would have a good chance of making the Heat final and possibly winning it from there. However, now you have to fight every round 2 competitor, it makes the contest more open. So I’ll stick with a round 2 place for Or Te.


Massive thanks for taking the time to read guys, I hope you enjoyed this latest instalment. Leave me a comment about your thoughts for the heat if you so wish and I’ll be back with the preview for heat 4 next week. BBC2, Sunday at 8. Don’t miss it.

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5 thoughts on “Robot Wars 2016 – Heat 3 Preview

  1. This heat fascinates me. Discounting Overdozer and Glitterbomb, who I both expect to go out in the first round, and possibly King B, I think anybody could give themselves a realistic chance of going through. It seems this heat is a return of the flippers, something i’m very much looking forward to. We haven’t really had a proper flipper yet.

    For me, after some serious consideration, I think this heat will come down to who has the best flipper. And I think this is probably the only heat we’ll see where a flipper will win (I already know who i’m tipping for week 4 and week 5). So that puts my choice between Orte, Dantomkia and TR2.

    Orte is a bit of an unkown robot, but it comes from Ian Watts who was mightily successful with Bigger Brother. I’m not entirely convinced I like the design of it. Too many weird angles for me, and a weird pipe shaped flipper doesn’t seem to give much area coverage to attack. It’s the same problem with Dantomkia; Their flipper is very narrow, albeit powerful. TR2 on the other hand have a very wide, almost full body flipper. I’ve seen them at live events too where they’ve been very impressive, and as you mentioned, they’re the most recent UK Champion.

    So on this occasion, I am going to agree with you on TR2 being the heat winners. Which probably means we’ve just doomed them to go out in the first round….


      • Maybe if Michael Lambert still owned Dantomkia I would be more likely to go for them, and I almost did regardless. I just like the fact TR2 has a much better coverage with their flipper.

        Big Nipper interest me though. Especially their vertical spinner, something that robots in Battlebots this year have used to great effect (Especially robots like Minotaur and Poison Arrow). I do wonder whether they’ll have the same effect in Robot Wars (Also thinking about Storm 2’s vertical spinner as well.) If I were to have a dark horse, it would probably be Big Nipper.


      • Yea still not sure about the nipper. I always liked the idea of the crush and lift up mechanism. Maybe its just taken me by surprise. Agree about Dantomkia though, Mike’s driving on that robot, especially in the later years was quality


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