And So It Begins…

This Is Me

Hi guys, welcome to Jaymess24’s page. Jaymess24 being me; but obviously not my name. This was a nickname I got given in school some 15 years ago. Somehow it stuck. I have literally no idea what it means. What I do know is that I’m your average 26 year young bloke living in good old Blighty. I live with my girlfriend and our pets and I work in a hospital. Like I say, pretty much average. Not much exciting goes on in my life; a bit of this, a bit of that but we get by happily. This is my page.

This Is What I Do

So, why am I here? Same as most people I would have thought. I’m here to learn, lend opinions (because the world doesn’t have enough of those already….), and hopefully make some friends. If you’re anything like me, you’ll often check the internet to see if anybody has some new information on an activity you’re looking forward to. What times that new programme on? Who’s playing in the match tonight? When are they releasing a new album? Will Drake ever not be at number 1 again, will we ever be free of it? See, opinion. I like seeing people view of things, whether I agree or not. It could be a new game, or a list of the greatest footballers ever; I like to see people take on things. Which is why I thought, ‘I could do that’. This is my aim. Whether people want to see my opinions or now, I guess remains to be seen.

This Is What I Want To Achieve

Hopefully in the next while, I will entertain you good people with some of my blogs. These almost always being on my interests. Im a big sports fan. Football, Rugby, Tennis, Boxing, Formula 1 (love the Formula 1), Darts, Cricket, Not golf… Im big on TV series. Game Of Thrones is a big one (Isn’t it for everyone?), amongst others. Then there’s games, Im a big gamer. Not quite as big as when I was a teenager, because Im too busy being an adult and all ‘responsible’ these days. Games like Pokemon, Fallout & Uncharted have followed me for years, but again Im open to anything. Oh photography as well, I like my photography. I don’t have the massively expensive gear that you see birdwatchers spend 4 days setting up to take a picture, but I am the kind of  person who will wait around for the best shot. There’s a few examples at the top of my page, mainly of animals which are a personal favourite to snap, including a few our of Guinea pigs. I hope to share these and many more with you all.

This Is My Page

So that’s me. I look forward to this experience and sharing my experiences as well as reviews, articles and maybe something a bit grown up and meaningful. Please visit again if you have the same sort of interests, like I say I’m also here to learn. I’ll leave you with a photo of three of our five Guineas. Take care all.




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